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Spartan Outboard Motor Mount

Removable Bronze Outboard Motor Mount
Spartan's Outboard Motor Mount is made of cast bronze and heavy hardwood to provide a rugged, dependable method of mounting an outboard up to 6 HP on the stern of sailboats with an afterdeck of eight inches (8") or more. The Assembly consists of two parts; the Deck Mounting Plate and the Motor mount Bracket. The deck Mounting Plate is permanently fastened through the after deck, and the Motor Bracket is positioned only when the outboard is required. This keeps the engine out of the way when it isn't needed, and doesn't spoil the beauty of the boat. The Bracket is simply placed in the deck Mounting Plate at a straight up angle, and then lowered 90 degrees to the proper horizontal position. There are no fasteners required to lock the Bracket into the mount, and the Mounting Plate alone will not snag lines. Commonly used on Cape Dory Typhoon and similar yachts.


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Bronze Outboard Bracket w/ Deck Plate: SP 99-31A:

Cast Bronze Removable Outboard Motor Mount Assembly for use with outboards up to 6 HP. 2 piece Set includes Outboard Bracket and Deck Plate. Deck Plate SP 99-31DP, mounts on stern of sailboats with an afterdeck of 8 inches or more. Outboard Bracket, SP 99-31B, keys vertically into Deck Plate and has hardwood platform (12" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4") for attaching outboard motor. As used on Cape Dory Typhoon. Shipping weight is 18 lbs..


  Bronze Outboard Bracket only: SP 99-31B:

Cast Bronze Outboard Motor Mount Bracket for use with Bronze Deck Plate, SP 99-31DP. Outboard Bracket keys into Deck Plate and can not be removed without the bracket being raised to a vertical position. Bracket is (maximum) 17" long (9" from Deck Plate center to bend, 7" from bend to wood) with varnished hardwood platform (12" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4") for attaching outboard motor. Unit is suitable for use with outboards up to 6 HP.


  Bronze Deck Plate only: SP 99-31DP:

Cast Bronze Deck Plate for Removable Outboard Motor Mount Bracket, SP 99-31B. Deck Plate Base is 6 5/8" long x 2" wide x (maximum) 1 5/8" high and bolts through the deck with (4) 1/4" FH bolts.

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