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Kenyon Instruction Sheet: K-11882-1K10

Sonar Spreader Bar & Standard Reinforcing Plate Kit

Parts List
Part Number      Description                      Quantity
SP2.2 Spreader Bar - 10 degree Aft for Sonar
2740 - SP2.2 Spreader Bar Reinforcing Plate
3/16" SS Pop Rivets

Installation Instructions
1. Remove old spreader bracket by drilling off rivet heads with a 3/16" drill bit. Tap the rest of the rivet out of the hole with a punch to reduce the risk of enlarging the existing holes with the drill.

2. Rivet on the new spreader bracket plates. Make sure that both plates are the same height from the bottom of the mast, and centered on the mast centerline. When installed, the Spreader Bar slots should be directly opposite each other.

3. Once the new bracket plates are installed, use the slots in the plates as templates for cutting the aluminum mast wall. The easiest way to cut out the aluminum is to drill several holes adjacent to each other and then finish the job with a file.

4. After the slots are cut, the Spreader Bar should slide into the holes. The bar might need the help of a mallet in order to get it in, for it should be a tight fit. Be sure that the Spreader Bar, when installed, will line up so that the spreaders will have an upward as well as aft angle. When the Spreader Bar is installed all of the halyards, except the pole lift, should be aft of the bar.

5. Slide the spreaders over the Spreader Bar and check to see that the angle of sweep is the same for both spreaders. If one side is different from the other, the Spreader Bar is not centered and it needs to be moved slightly.

6. Once the spreader angle is correct check to see if the contour of the inboard end of the spreader matches the base plate. If the two don't match, file down the spreaders as needed.

7. With the spreaders properly aligned and fitted, drill through the Spreader Bar using the holes in the spreaders previously used for the old spreader bracket. It is important to have the spreader pushed up against the mast as tight as possible when drilling to insure a tight fit. Install the spreader bolts and the job is complete.

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