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1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Poles & Fittings

Standard 1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Pole Tube
Measurements: 1.125" OD x 1.01" ID (28.6mm x 25.6mm)
Wall Thickness: .058"
Weight/ft.: .229 lbs.
Moments of inertia:
Circumference: 3.53"
Alloy: 6063-T6
Stock Lengths: Up to 22' 6"
Common Boat usage: To 15' LOA
round_tube.TIF (16698 bytes)
1 1/8" OD Standard Spinnaker Pole Tube is used in a variety of applications, including Spinnaker and Whisker Poles. Standard Pole Fittings for this tube size are listed below.

Standard 1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Pole Tube

1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Pole Tube - Clear Anodized: RTA 1.12-058A-___:
1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Pole Tube is stocked, fully anodized, in a variety of lengths up to the maximum listed above. To order, specify tube length. 

1 1/8" OD Spinnaker Pole End Fittings

Self-Latching End for 1 1/8" OD Tube: NF 10072:

Composite Self-Latching End has handy thumb tab with opposite hole for attachment of trip line. Angled SL Tab allows for quick attachment by pressing against Ring. Black molded end is 4 7/8" long and projects 3 3/8" (maximum) from tube end.


Spike End for 1 1/8" OD Tube: NF 10074-1:
Composite Spike End has 5/16" diameter shaft with a 3/8" OD ball tip. Outboard Spike End is inserted in clew grommet, sheet tension keeps it engaged. Black molded end (w/ adapter) projects 1 7/8" (maximum) from tube end.   +Fna



End Fitting Adapters
End Fitting Adapters, or Collars, allow End Fittings to be used with larger diameter tube. This sometimes results in a net weight savings, and often allows for configurations otherwise unavailable. Please Note that adapting collars can be used together, but have ID's designed for End Fittings and can not be used for sleeving two sizes of tubing together. As always, special sizes are available on a Custom basis.

1" End Fitting Adapter for 1 1/8" OD Tube: NF AC1-1.1:

Plastic Adapting Collar allows use of any End Fitting for 1" OD Standard Spinnaker Pole Tube with 1 1/8" OD Standard Spinnaker Pole Tube. Black Collar is 1 1/2" long and projects 1/8" from tube end.   NF 10075A

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