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Goiot 162 Traveller System

Goiot 162 Traveller Systems
Goiot's 162 series Travellers are designed around a clear anodized, modified I-Beam Track that measures 1" across the top and bottom.

Track is drilled for 3/16" (5mm) FH screws on 77mm (approx. 3") centers.



Goiot 162 (1") Traveller Track: Goi 162-__ft.:
Goiot 162 Traveller Track is a clear anodized Aluminum, modified I-Beam Track that measures 1" (25mm) across the top, 1" (25mm) across the base and is 15/16" (23mm) high. Track is drilled for 3/16" (5mm) FH screws on 77mm centers, mounting holes are deeply countersunk for use with adjustable Pin Stops. Goiot Traveller Track is available in a variety of lengths, please specify.


Standard 4-wheel Traveller Car: Goi 162-11:
Standard Traveller Car for Goiot 162 Traveller Track is Cast aluminum with (4) 16mm (5/8") black delrin wheels and a fixed shackle attachment. Shackle attachment nose has a 6mm (1/4") hole for mainsheet block pin, Car incorporates 6mm (1/4") holes for control blocks on each side. Car is 3 7/16" (87mm) long with a maximum width of 2 3/4" (70mm). Note: Wheels and axles on these cars are permanently affixed and are not replaceable.  162.1


Goiot 162-11
Plastic Track End: Goi 162-15P:

Hard molded Black plastic Track End for Goiot 162 Traveller Track. Unit covers track end and attaches to Deck with (usually through a 12mm hole in the Track) with (1) 5mm (#10 - 3/16") FH screw. Unit is (maximum) 52mm (2") long and extends 1 1/16" (27mm) beyond Track when mounted through 12mm Stop Pin hole, or 1 9/16" (40mm) beyond Track when mounted abutting Track end.  162.5


Adjustable Track Stop: Goi 162-13:
Heavy-duty Adjustable Track Stop for Goiot 162 Traveller Track features large 9mm (3/8") SS Spring Pin and rubber bumper to cushion car impact. Cast aluminum Adjustable Stop is 1 1/2" (39mm) long (excluding Bumper) x 1 3/8" (35mm) (maximum) wide. Used on free-floating car systems without end controls, especially for jib and staysail boom Travellers. MMM*

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