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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Notes on Site Usage
This website was designed to assist Marine Professionals by providing Systems Data and Parts Specifications for a variety of highly specific Hardware and Systems commonly found on Sailboats.

There is no substitute for having your boat maintenance and hardware additions performed by a Rigger, Boatyard, or other local Marine Professional. Should you, as a boat owner, choose to perform these tasks yourself, you will need some of the Riggers' skills; The most important of which is the ability (and time) to measure things. If you are unable to provide the measurements and data required to identify the parts you need, you will have to hire someone to do so. If requested, Rig-Rite Inc. will provide the name of an insured Rigger, Boatyard, or other Marine Service Professional in your area.

This website is organized by Hardware Categories and by Hardware Manufacturers, and was carefully designed to help lead you directly to the items you seek. Please read carefully, if additional data is required, the website will tell you what data, and how to determine it.

There is No database of specific Hardware listed by boat type. Boatbuilders change the Hardware Systems they install on their boats frequently, always looking for a better system, or a better price, and sometimes substitute Hardware in the middle of a production run to fill temporary gaps in the supply chain. Hardware Manufacturers are continually updating their products for the same reasons. You will often find that even boatbuilders still in existence will not be able to tell you what block, what Traveller System, Rudder Bushing, or even what Spar Builder they used on a given boat or in a given year. In addition, many boats have had a number of different owners, and not all have taken the care to use original replacement items - even when they are available. As a result, we do not know what hardware you have on your boat, but all necessary data and instructions to help you determine it are listed on-site.
That said, some rare exceptions (One-Design Spars and Parts) are listed on-site under Spars.

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