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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

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Pearson Yacht Spars & Parts

Pearson Yachts was, at one time, the largest sailboat builder in the world. In addition to purchasing complete spars from outside vendors, Pearson had it's own Spar Shop which built spars for many of their models using tubes and components from other spar builders, as well some of their own design. 
Listed below are some Spars Sections and Components originally produced by Pearson, and by other spar builders not detailed elsewhere on this site.

In addition to the items listed on this page, please note the following:

Isomat built spars for many larger Pearson models, beginning in 1984. All Pearsons' with Isomat Spars used Isomat's NG series of Masts, and NB series of Booms.
Isomat Spar Sections and Hardware data is on-site, See Isomat Spars.

Kenyon Spars built spars for many Pearson models including the Pearson Flyer, and the entire Pearson Triton (Bayfield/US Yachts) line, not including the original Triton 28. In addition, Kenyon also built Masts for many of the Pearson 23's, 28's, 30's, 303's, 32's, and the Pearson 530's. Kenyon Sections were also used on other Pearsons.
Kenyon Spar Sections and Hardware data is on-site, See Kenyon Spars.

MetalMast Marine built spars for many pre-1984 Pearson models and, in addition, was the primary supplier to Pearson's own Spar Shop.
Much of the MetalMast Spar Section and Hardware data is on-site, See MetalMast Spars.

Rig-Rite built spars for many earlier Pearson models including the Pearson 22, Electra, and Ensign, and some of the original Triton 28's. In addition, Rig-Rite also built Booms for many of the Pearson 23's, 28's, and the Pearson 30's. Rig-Rite Sections and hardware were also used on other Pearsons.
Much of the Rig-Rite Spar Section and Hardware data is on-site, See Rig-Rite Spars.

Spartan Spars' CD-4 Boom Section was used on some larger Pearson Yachts.
Spartan Spars CD-4 Boom data is on-site, See Spartan Spars CD-4 Boom.

Spreaders for Pearson Yachts, if not covered above, are covered under Spartan Spars, See Spartan Spars - Spreader Sections. If you have original Wooden Spreaders, See Wood Spreaders & Hardware.

A variety of Mast Boots for Pearson Yachts using Mast Sections not listed above, are listed on the Mast Boots page; See Mast Boots. 

Pearson Yachts Mast Sections & Parts

Pearson Yachts Boom Sections & Parts

Pearson Spars Ordering/Questions

For Part Numbers, Data and Specifications, See above.

For Parts Pricing information, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.

For any items not listed on-site, Contact us. We will need to know which Spar Section(s) you have, and a sketch of the part with dimensions, in addition to all boat details, including model, length, and year of manufacture. Please Note: Because of frequent changes in boat models, constant design improvements, and numerous other variations, it is impossible for us to know exactly which Spar Sections you have on your Pearson, and what parts you need. If you are unable to determine your Spar Section from the data on-site, we can do so if you forward a tracing of the Section and its Maximum Outside Dimensions. Please remember that Spar Parts are not specific to a particular Boat, but to the Spar Section to which they attach.

For a quote on a complete Replacement Spar, See Pearson Spar Quote.

To place an Order, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.

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