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ISOFURL - Sailmaker Instructions

Isofurl Sailmaker Instructions

Most Isofurl Systems came with a "Halyard Hoist Locking Car", to which the head of the sail was attached. This car is hoisted by a Special Hook with a long messenger line attached to it. The halyard is attached to the top of the Hook, NOT to the Locking Car. When the car is hoisted to the top of the system, it locks in place, and the halyard is pulled down with a messenger line. The car is 'unlocked' (to bring the sail down), by means of a special Release Lanyard (trip wire) sewn into the luff of the sail. - Be sure to attach the trip wire in the sail to the Hoist Cars' Release wire BEFORE hoisting!! The halyard should never be attached directly to the Locking Car Assembly!

Sailmakers: Isofurl Systems take a standard # 6 (3/16", 5mm) Luff Tape, and require Web straps for Head and Tack Attachment. Most Isofurl systems come with a "Halyard Hoist Locking Car", Sails made for those Systems require an internal Release Lanyard sewn into the luff of the sail. Sail details and measurements are shown below. Some Isofurl Systems use a conventional-type Halyard Swivel, Sails for them, of course, do not require an internal Release Lanyard.

Isofurl Sailmaker's Diagram

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