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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Spartan Spars CD-2 Mast Section

Spartan Spars CD-2
Measurements: (OD) 3.75" x 2.25"
Wall Thickness: .100"
Weight/ft.: 1.30 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 1.32", Iyy = .600"
Circumference: 9 5/8"
Alloy: 6061-T6
Standard Mast Lengths: 22'7", 25'4", 30'
Sail slides: 1/2" round slugs (A018, A118) or 1/2" boltrope

Common Mast usage: Bristol Corinthian 19; Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender (WE), Cape Dory Typhoon Day Sailer (DS);
See Also: Spartan Spars CD-2 Boom

CD-2 Mast Section

Spartan CD-2 Mast Section
CD-2 Mast Section - Clear Anodized: SP-CD2CA-___:
Spartan CD-2 Section Mast Tube is stocked in a variety of lengths (listed above) fully anodized, it can also be cut to shorter lengths. To order, specify length.
Sections can also be milled for the sailgate or other components, painted finishes and other lengths are available on special order, Please specify. If you require a complete Mast Assembly, you can select from components below and contact us with specifications.

CD-2 Standard Mast Hardware
Listed below are parts specific to the Spartan CD-2 Mast Section. There are many parts for specific configurations that are not listed here. If you require CD-2 Section Mast Components not listed here please contact us with details. Please note: As principal dimensions of the Spartan Spar CD-2 Section are equivalent to those of Kenyon Spar's D-Section, all Kenyon D-Section Mast Components will also fit the CD-2 Mast Section.

CD-2 Masthead: SP-019A:
Heavy-duty cast aluminum masthead assembly with 4 Aluminum sheaves is designed to allow use of external OR internal halyards. Includes SS toggles for headstay and backstay with 1/4" pins and a topping lift attachment pin. Optional spinnaker bail (SP-019-2) is available. Cast in 356 Aluminum with Anodized finish. As used on Typhoon Day Sailer.




1 3/4" Alu. Sheave w/ Integral Bushing: K-198-7AB4:

Anodized Aluminum Sheave with integral Oilite Bronze bushing. Sheave is 1 3/4" OD x 1/2" wide (w/ bushing) x 1/4" ID. With wire/rope V-groove. Used in most SP-019A Mastheads.





Masthead Spinnaker Bail: SP-019-2:

Heavy 1/4" SS bail is welded to a 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" flat plate which attaches to the top of the masthead with (2) 1/4" RH machine screws. Screw hole spacing (to centers) is 1" fore and aft. Bail projects 1 1/8" forward of plate. Mounting requires drilling & tapping (2) 1/4-20 holes.


CD-2 Fractional Masthead: SP-040A:

Cleanly designed cast aluminum masthead assembly for use with fractional rigs. Features extended backstay crane and single sheave for internal main halyard. Includes 1/4" pins for backstay and topping lift attachment. Cast in 356 Aluminum with Anodized finish.



Forestay/Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pin: SP-201:

Lightweight SS Shroud Tang mounts with (4) 3/16" screws or rivets, for use with a Shroud up to 5/32" diameter using standard Aircraft Fork. Tang is 3/4" wide x 3 1/4" long x .056" with (4) 3/16" mounting holes and (1) 1/4" Pin Hole. Fastener holes are 3/8" apart. Features curved mounting surface for use in a wide variety of Forestay and Shroud applications. As used for Forestay Tang on Cape Dory Typhoon and other fractional rigs. o


Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pin: SP-209:

SS Shroud Tang mounts on a 3/8" bolt, for use with a Shroud up to 5/32" diameter using standard Aircraft Fork. Tang is 1" wide x 3 3/4" long x .070" with (1) 3/8" mounting hole and (1) 1/4" Pin Hole. Hole centers are 2 3/4" apart. Used in a wide variety of Upper and Lower Shroud applications. o



Double Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pins: SP-203:

SS Double Shroud Tang mounts on a 3/8" bolt, for use with (2) Shrouds up to 5/32" dia. using standard Aircraft Forks. Tang is 4 1/4" long x 1" wide (at top) x 1 7/8" wide (at bottom) x .120" with (1) 3/8" mounting hole and (2) 1/4" Pin Holes. Pin Hole centers are 3 3/16" (vertical) from mounting hole and are 1 1/16" (horizontal) apart. Used as Lower Shroud Tang with SP-302 and SP-056 Spreader Bases, and in a variety of other applications. As Sch 85-54.


The Spartan CD-2 mast section is normally used with Spartan SP-022 - 3/4" OD Round Spreaders.
For other Spreaders, see Spartan Spreader Sections.
Spreader Boot Pair for 3/4" OD Spreader: SP-022B:

Spreader Boot for 3/4" OD Spreader is designed to reduce sail chafe. White Rubber Boot is attached to Spreader and Shroud using wire ties or Rigging Tape. Sold in Pairs only, they are (maximum) 4 1/2" long.



CD-2 Spreader Base - Stainless Steel: SP-302:

Stainless Steel Spreader Base mounts flush on the side of the mast and attaches with (1) 1/4" and (1) 3/8" bolt, design allows for use of the 3/8" bolt as an attachment point for a lower shroud tang, commonly SP-209. Spreader Base incorporates a 5/8" male stud that the spreader fits over, Spreader is attached with a 1/4" Clevis Pin, CP4-28K (included). Base is 4" high x 1" wide, mounting holes are on 3" centers. For use with 5/8" ID Spreaders, SP-022.



CD-2 Spreader Base - Aluminum: SP-303:
Oval Cast aluminum base fits flush with the mast surface and attaches with (2) 3/16" (#10) FH screws and a 5/16" bolt. Unique and sleek design allows for use of the same 5/16" bolt as an attachment point for a lower shroud tang, SP-209, underneath the base. Clear anodized Base measures 2 3/4" wide x 1 3/4" high, screw holes are on 1 7/8" centers. For use with 3/4" OD Spreaders, SP-022.


3/4" OD Spreader Ass'y x 26" long: SP-022AS:

Standard Spartan SP-022 Round Spreader is 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID x 26" long and has Aluminum Tip, SP-022T, with hole for seizing wire (included). Clear anodized Spreader Assembly is (maximum) 26 1/2" long. As used on Cape Dory Typhoon.





3/4" OD Spreader Ass'y - Special: SP-022A-___:
Spartan SP-022 Round Spreader is 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID and has Aluminum Tip, SP-022T, with hole for seizing wire (included). Finished spreaders are available in any length, standard finish is clear anodized, specify color if painted finish is required. To order: specify maximum length from inboard tube end to shroud bearing surface, and finish.






3/4" OD Round Spreader Tip: SP-022T:

Aluminum Spreader Tip for 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID Spreader features slot for up to 3/16" diameter shroud. Lightweight, compact version replaces earlier Cast style and features cross-hole for seizing wire. New-style turned Tip extends shroud seat 5/16" beyond spreader tube, unit projects 9/16" (maximum) beyond spreader tube and is carefully rounded to reduce sail chafe.







3/4" Round Spreader Tube: SP-022TC-26:

Spartan 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID Spreader Tube (SP-022) is stocked in a clear anodized finish and is available in 26" (2' 2") lengths.





Double Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pins: SP-203:

SS Double Shroud Tang mounts on a 3/8" bolt, for use with 2 Shrouds up to 5/32" diameter using standard Aircraft Forks. Tang is 1" wide (at top) x 1 7/8" wide (at bottom) x 4 1/4" long x .120" with (1) 3/8" mounting hole and (2) 1/4" Pin Holes. Pin Hole centers are 3 3/16" (vertical) from mounting hole and are 1 1/16" (horizontal) apart. Used as lower shroud tang with SP-302, SP-056 and SP-457 Spreader Bases, and in a variety of other applications. oSch 85-54X


Sail Slide Stop: K-11198:

Versatile Stop slides in mast track and locks in place with SS thumbscrew. Used above the sail entrance to keep sail slides in the mast, and below a sliding gooseneck to limit boom travel. Aluminum Slide Stop is 7/16" diameter x 1" long with SS thumb screw, thumb screw features captive nylon washer to prevent damage to mast surface. SP-11000


SS Gooseneck Slide: SP-032:

New Heavy-duty reinforced SS Gooseneck Slide accepts 3/4" SS Toggle, K-9267, and has a welded ring for downhaul attachment. Includes 1/4" vertical pin. Fits Spartan CD-1, CD-2, CD-3, and all mast sections using 1/2" round slugs or boltrope. K-9138 p


Gooseneck Bracket for 3/4" Toggle: K-1208L:

SS welded Gooseneck Bracket fits standard Kenyon 3/4" SS Toggle, K-9267, with 1/4" vertical pin. Fastens to CD-2 or D-Section mast with (6) 3/16" (#10) fasteners on 1" vertical centers. Base is 2 1/2" vertical x approximately 2 1/4" wide. Often used to replace the gooseneck slide by those who prefer a fixed boom. Used with CD-1, Kenyon B-Section, and other Booms using the K-9267 Toggle. SP-11205


SS Gooseneck Toggle - 3/4": K-9267:

SS Gooseneck Toggle attaches directly to any of the Kenyon gooseneck brackets or gooseneck slides designed for a 3/4" toggle, and to any boom end casting using the K-79 or K8700A SS yoke assemblies. Toggle is 3/4" square x 7/8" long with 1/4" holes at 90 degrees to each other on 3/8" centers.




Spar Cleat - 4" long: D-10324:

Cast Aluminum Spar Cleat is a low-profile design with a narrow base suitable for use with line up to 3/8" diameter. Black Epoxy coated Cleat is 4" long, and fastens to spar with (2) 3/16" (#10) FH screws on 1 3/16" centers. See also, other Kenyon Spar Cleats.


Vang Bail - 1/4" x 2 1/4" wide: K-10456:

Heavy SS Boom Bail made from 1/4" rod is designed to be attached with (1) 1/4" SS bolt and nut. Formed at 2 1/4" wide, width can be varied to fit larger or smaller sections. Bail length, from bolt center, is 2 1/2". For use with CD-2 Section.




Boom Bail Bolt Ass'y - 1/4" for CD-2: K-10456BA:

Boom/Mast Bail bolt assembly includes 1/4" SS bolt x 2 3/4", with locknut, and nylon washers to prevent bail from damaging boom surface as it pivots.


Dual Sheave Exit Block: SP-911:
SS Dual Sheave Internal Exit Block was designed specifically for the Cape Dory Typhoon, where it is installed at the base of the mast, to lead main & jib halyards aft to the cockpit. Although formed to fit the Spartan CD-2 section, this unit can be used for halyards and other control lines on other sections as well. Flanges can also be bent to fit a variety of curved surfaces. Phenolic sheaves measure 1 7/16" x 1/2", and will handle wire or rope up to 3/8" diameter. Assembly fits in mast cutout 2" high x 1 3/8" wide, and fastens with (6) #10 (3/16") fasteners. Sch 34-29X




CD-2 Mast Step Casting: SP-630:

Mast Step for CD-2 Section fastens to deck, or keelson with (2) 1/4" bolts, or to K-1264 Mast Hinge Assembly for use as tabernacle. Base size is slightly larger than CD-2 mast section. Cast in 356 Aluminum with black epoxy finish.



CD-2 Mast Step Casting - Raw: SP-630R:
Plain undrilled Mast Step for CD-2 Section with raw aluminum finish. Base size is slightly larger than CD-2 Mast Section. Cast in 356 Aluminum. As SP-630, above, but uncoated with no mounting holes drilled. o1534S


CD-2 Hinged Mast Step Ass'y: SP-630HA:
SS Hinged Tabernacle Assembly for CD2-Section allows easy mast stepping. Consists of SP-630 Mast Step Casting bolted to K-1264 Mast Hinge Assembly. Lower channel bolts to the deck with (4) 1/4" bolts. Mast step (on upper channel) is attached to mast and hinges forward or aft on (2) 1/4" pins. Includes compression Spacer Nuts to handle greater rigging loads. Base is 4" x 2 1/2".




CD-2 Hinged Double Mast Step Ass'y: SP-630HAD:
Special SS Hinged Double Tabernacle Assembly for CD2-Section. Developed especially for early Typhoon WE with keel-stepped mast to convert to deck level hinge. SS Hinge Assembly has mast step castings, SP-630, on both sides. Mast is cut at deck level, Assembly is fastened to upper and lower mast sections. Mast must be cut 1 1/2" to retain original length, or mast length can be increased up to 1 1/2". Please note: Lower mast section must also be fastened to original keel step.


CD-2 Tabernacle Mast Step: SP-661:
Cast aluminum Tabernacle base bolts to the deck with (3) 1/4" FH bolts. Aft corner of mast is cut away to allow mast to pivot aft, mast hinges on 5/16" Pin Assembly (SP-662) installed in mast. Heavy-duty unit is cast in 356 Aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Base measures 4" long x 3 3/8" wide, aft holes are 1 1/8" apart, 3rd hole is 2 3/8" forward of them.


Tabernacle Pin Ass'y: SP-662:

SS 5/16" Pin Assembly includes aluminum spacer tube and cotter pin to lock in place in 5/16" hole in mast. Used with SP-661 Tabernacle.

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