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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
In these Questions, substitute Your boat for the type mentioned - the same Answers will apply.
Q. Do you have a mainsheet traveler car for a Santana 23?
A. Traveller Cars do not fit boats, they fit Traveller Track.
To know which Traveller parts you need, you have to know which Traveller TRACK you have.
Boatbuilders change the Hardware Systems they install on their boats constantly, always looking for a better system, or a better price, and sometimes to solve temporary supply problems. You will find that even boatbuilders still in existence will not be able to tell you what block, what Traveller System, Rudder Bushing, or even what Spar builder they used on a given boat or in a given year.
We have most common Traveller Manufacturers and their Traveller Track profiles listed on-site, with dimensions and complete specifications. If you can't find a manufacturers name somewhere on the equipment, then Measure your Track (maximum width across the top is a good place to start), and click on the various Manufacturer's names looking for your Track profile. When you find it, click on it to see details on all the parts that fit your Traveller Track. On boats built before 1990 Nicro-Fico Travellers are the most common, and a good place to start, See Traveller Systems.


Q. Can you provide me with a mast step for a Pearson 28?
A. Yes, several. Like virtually all other boats this one was supplied with several (at least 4) different Mast Sections during its production history. As Mast Steps fit Mast Sections, we'll need you to provide a tracing of your Mast Section (with Maximum outside measurements), and a sketch or photo of the Mast Step with dimensions, if you are unable to find it on our website. In the case of the Pearson 28, at different times Spars were built by Isomat, by Kenyon, and by Pearson in their own Spar Shop using Kenyon and (2 different) MetalMast Mast Sections. See Mast Steps, and Spars.


Q. The drum on my furling system is broken. Do you have one? My boat is a Catalina 36.
A. Probably, but to know which one you need, we'll need to know which Furling System you have (by Manufacturer's name), and what model or size it is. Furling Systems are generally aftermarket (non-original) products installed by dealers or subsequent owners. Systems have been produced by dozens of different Manufacturers, each having a range of models and sizes. As a result we do not know what Furling System you have on your boat.
We have several common Furling System Manufacturers listed on-site, with their complete System specifications. If you are unable to determine the Manufacturer and Model of your Furling System, we can do so if you forward a tracing or sketch of the Luff Foil and its' Dimensions, or a photo of the System, with Luff Foil Dimensions. Please include boat details and Forestay diameter. To view some examples of Luff Foil profiles, See Furling Systems.


Q. Help. I need a mast step (mine is lost). There is no label on my mast, so I don't know who built it, and I can't find my mast section on your website. Can you tell me what mast section I have?
A. Yes, but for us to do so you will need to provide us with a picture (or an accurate tracing) of the Mast Section Profile and its maximum outside measurements. Please include boat model and year of manufacture, as this sometimes helps. Although we have hundreds of Spar Sections listed on-site there are many others that are not. When faxing a tracing, measurements must be written on the fax, as fax machines are not designed to transmit dimensionally accurate renderings, and frequently expand or reduce sizing. See Mast Steps, and Spars.


Q. My mast is 40ft. Can I install a tabernacle system? Any advice on how to better accomplish this will be greatly appreciated. Also do you have historical data on the Mast for my boat? I am in AFG and do not have access to the information required.
A. Yes, you can install a tabernacle system. There are easy (standard) options for many deck stepped Masts, most are specific to the particular Mast Section or Mast width. Anything else is a custom engineering project. Like it says "we do not know what mast you have on your boat."
In either case, we'll need to know which Mast Section you have, and whether your mast is stepped on deck or on the keel. See Identifying your Spar Section.

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