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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149

Rigging - Wire & Rod Fittings

Rig-Rite stocks the widest selection of Rigging and Rigging Parts available anywhere, from manufacturers around the world. From Wire Swage and Mechanical Ends to Rod fittings, Turnbuckles and Nicopress Fittings.
If you require items not listed on-site, please forward a sketch or photo with measurements and full details of the part, including Manufacturer, application, boat type and year. See Spars, Furling Systems, Traveller Systems, and Sailboat Hardware for more specific fittings.

See also: Tangs & Rigging Attachments, Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings. 

Wire Rigging & Parts

Wire Assemblies

Swage Fittings
  Swage Eyes
    - Marine Eyes
    - MS Eyes
  Swage Forks
    - Marine Forks
    - MS Forks
  Swage Toggle Forks
  Swage T-Balls & T-Ball Fittings
  Swage Stemballs
  Swage Turnbuckle Studs
  Swage Balls

Mechanical Wire Fittings
  Norseman Cones - All sizes in stock
  Norseman Swageless Fittings
    - Norseman Eyes
    - Norseman Forks
    - Norseman Studs
    - Norseman T-Balls
    - Norseman Shroud Terminals
    - Norseman Stemballs
    - Norseman Insulators

Turnbuckle Toggles
Rigging Toggles
Turnbuckle Parts
  - Open Body Turnbuckles
  - Navtec Series 500


Rod Rigging & Parts

Rod Rigging
Rod Assemblies
Rod Rigging Components
  Rod Eyes
  Rod Toggle Forks
  Rod Noses
  Rod Stemballs
  Rod T-Ball / T-Terminals
  Rod Spreader Bends
  Rod Spreader Tip Cups, Tip Cup Ball Head Screws
  Rod Turnbuckle Studs

Rod Turnbuckles
  - Open Body Turnbuckles
  - Navtec Series 500

Rigging Parts & Accessories

Rigging Toggles - SS Rigging & Turnbuckle Toggles.

Turnbuckle Toggles
Turnbuckle Parts
  - Turnbuckle Bodies
  - Turnbuckle Forks
  - Turnbuckle Toggle Forks
  - Turnbuckle Eyes
  - Navtec Series 500 Turnbuckle Parts

Stemball / Eye Adapters

Stemball Cups
T-Ball / Eye Adapters
Link Plates - Sets w/ Clevis Pins, Single Links, and Spreader Tip Link Plates.

Clevis Pins - in Stainless Steel and Bronze.
Rigging Pins - in Stainless Steel.
Cotter Pins - in Stainless Steel and Bronze.
Fastpins - One-Handed, Quick-release Stainless Steel Pins.

Inner Forestay Stowage Clip - For use stowing an Inner Forestay.

Measuring Your Rigging
Measuring Your Rigging is a task requiring a knowledge of basic measuring skills, and, usually Calipers. If you are unable to determine the many variables, including Wire or Rod diameter, Thread and Pin sizes and Lengths, you should have these tasks performed by a local Rigger or other Marine Professional.

Rigging Ordering/Questions

We now have technical data and descriptions of many common Standing Rigging and Turnbuckle Parts on-site. We also stock many less common items not listed here. If a part you require is not listed on-site, please forward a photo or sketch and a complete description of the part, or its nearest equivalent on the website, and its measurements, including Wire or Rod diameter, Pin sizes and Lengths. If you can not determine any of these many variables, you should have these tasks performed by a local Rigger or other Marine Professional.

For Part Numbers, Data and Specifications, See: Categories, above.

For Parts Pricing information, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.

For Technical Assistance, Data, and Replacement Parts not currently on our website, contact us with complete details. Frequent changes in boat models, constant design improvements, and numerous other variations, make it impossible for us to know exactly what Rigging you have on your boat. If your questions are about your existing Rigging, you must specify sufficient data for us to address your question. (See Measuring Your Rigging, above.) Please include all boat details, including boat model, length, and year of manufacture.

For a Quote on a complete Rigging Assembly, See Wire Assemblies or Rod Assemblies.

To place an Order for Parts, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.

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