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Cleats are used to tie off a line (halyards, reef lines, anchor lines, etc.), wherever needed.
Cleats are available in many varieties, configurations, and materials.
Bronze Cleats are listed separately.

Rig-Rite stocks a large selection of Cleats. Common varieties are listed below.
Other Spar Cleats, from specific Spar Builders, are listed separately. Depending on the kind of spars you have, See also, Isomat Spar Cleats, or Z-Spar Cleats.

If you require Cleats not listed, please forward a sketch or photo of your Cleat with measurements, hole spacing (to centers), full details of the part, boat model and year.

See also: Rope Clutches.


Spar Cleats are designed for attachment to Spars, generally having both a narrow base attaching with 2 screws, and a hole in the base so the line can be run through it and knotted, preventing the line from getting away.
Some 2-hole Cleats are commonly used on Deck, especially on European-built boats, for them, See: Deck Cleats.

Jam Cleats are similar to Spar Cleats, but with a wedge built into the foot on one end, allowing a loaded line to be held with a minimum of tension. Available in Aluminum, and also commonly used as Deck Cleats, especially for Jib Sheets.

Deck Cleats are designed for attachment to the Deck or other flat surface, generally having both a wide base attaching with 4 screws, and a hole in the base so a spliced eye can be run through it and slipped over the Cleat. Available in Aluminum, Bronze, or Stainless Steel.
Spar Cleats (attached with 2 screws), are also commonly used on Deck, See: Spar Cleats.
Bronze Cleats are available for Traditional applications. Commonly used on Deck (or on Wood Spars), they are available in 2 and 4 hole configurations for use on flat surfaces.
Coaming Cleats are specifically designed to be mounted to cockpit Coaming boards. Available in Bronze only, for Alberg and other Traditional designs.
V-Jam Cleats are suitable for quick cleating of smaller lines. Commonly used on the underside of Booms for cleating of Outhaul lines and in numerous other applications for smaller lines.


Clam Cleats
Cam Cleats
Specialty Cleats

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