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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Lifeline Stanchions
Rig-Rite stocks over 60 different Lifeline Stanchions (British: Staunchions) originally produced by many different Boat Builders and Hardware manufacturers. In addition to those Stanchions in current production, Rig-Rite stocks a variety of Stanchions Custom made to original specifications for direct replacement applications. Rig-Rite also has the ability to manufacture Special Stanchions on a Custom basis.
If a Stanchion you require is not listed here, please contact us with a photo or sketch.
Specify OD and length from bottom to intermediate and top hole centers in writing.

Stanchion Notes:
On boats built in North America, Stanchions are usually made from 1" OD (25.4mm) Stainless Steel tube. On boats built in Europe, Stanchions are usually made from 25mm OD (.984") Stainless Steel tube, and are usually Tapered.
While this might not seem like a significant difference, it can be, as 1" Stanchions Will Not fit Bases designed for 25mm Metric Stanchions. We have taken many returns of 1" Stanchions that did not fit the Customer's Metric 25mm Stanchion Bases. 25mm (Metric) Stanchions will, however, fit 1" Stanchion Bases, possibly needing a wrap with Rigging or Electrical tape to fit tightly.
If you are replacing all Stanchions you can switch to a different type as long as they are the same approximate length, and the same diameter.

Note: A small number of boats have been produced with 7/8" (.875") OD Stanchions, these are available in Ring Top, and Flat Top versions (See: 1" OD Stainless Steel Stanchions) on special order.

Stanchions with Integral Bases:
Stanchions are usually (and properly) separate and removable from their Stanchion Bases. It is common for Stanchions to bend (when meeting pilings or other boats); we believe it is not reasonable to require a boat owner to go through the extra time, difficulty and expense of unbolting the Stanchion Bases from the deck when only a Stanchion needs to be replaced. If you have one piece Stanchions with integral Stanchion Bases (non-separable), we will try to set you up with removable units. Many of the Stanchion Bases we offer are made with the same footprint as integral units, See Stanchion Bases.

1" OD Stainless Steel Stanchions

Metric (25mm OD) SS Stanchions

Aluminum Stanchions

Bronze Stanchions

Stanchion Braces

Stanchion Accessories
Stanchion Bases

Stanchion Base Backing Plates

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