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Sparcraft Mast Specifications & Components

Sparcraft has produced an incredible variety of Mast Sections. Through its acquisition of FranceSpar, Isomat and others, well over 60 different Mast Sections have been produced under the Sparcraft label. In addition to different origins and evolution, Section Designation is further complicated by the occasional factory renumbering of identical Sections. Masts using these Sections have been produced under several different labels including FranceSpar, Isomat, Sparcraft and Charleston Spar.

Click on Mast Section categories, below, to find specific Mast Sections and all hardware commonly used with those Sections.
For common replacement Mast Parts, See Sparcraft Mast Components, below.

See also Sparcraft FB Booms, and Sparcraft Spreaders.
And Isomat/ Sparcraft Solid Vangs & Components.

FM Mast Sections
Sparcraft FM Mast Sections are a series of modern, dimensionally-efficient Mast Sections, similar in design and concept, primarily derived from FranceSpar designs. Suitable for both Racing and Cruising vessels, FM Sections comprise a range of Masts suitable for boats from 16' to 80' (5M to 25M).  

FM-195 Mast Section  
Isomat NG Mast Sections
Original Isomat NG Mast Sections incorporate an integral Track for Spinnaker Cars. Similar in design and concept and widely used on both Racing and Cruising vessels, NG Sections comprise a range of Masts suitable for boats from 21' to 65' (6.5M to 19M).  

NG-31 Mast Section  
IM Mast Sections
Sparcraft IM Mast Sections are primarily Cruising Sections, designed as direct replacements for discontinued Isomat NG Mast Sections.


I-180 Mast Section  
FE & IE - Roller Furling Mast Sections
Sparcraft Furling Mast Sections (FE, & IE series), incorporate an integral tunnel for Roller Furling mainsails. These series' comprise a range of Masts suitable for boats from 30' to 70' (9M to 21M).


I-365E Mast Section  
F, & IMS Mast Sections
Sparcraft F and IMS Mast Sections are primarily One-Design Sections designed for specific smaller classes of boats.  

IMS-80 Mast Section
S Mast Sections
Sparcraft S Mast Sections are a relatively new series of sections, and include some renumbered FM and IM Mast Sections.  

FC - Catamaran Mast Sections
Sparcraft FC Mast Sections are a series of 'wing' Sections designed primarily for Catamarans.


F-175C Mast Section


Sparcraft Mast Components

Sparcraft uses a number of common components in their Spar Assemblies including many used by Isomat. Parts that are common to a variety of Mast Sections are listed below. Many Mast Parts, however, are specific to individual, or a small number of Mast Sections, and are listed under those particular Mast Sections.   For Parts not listed below, determine which Mast Section you have (by measuring). Click on individual Mast Sections (above) to see all hardware commonly used with those Sections.
Sheaves & Rollers
External Masthead Spinnaker Cranes
External Spinnaker Halyard Blocks
Masthead Stemball / Eye Adapters
Halyard Fairleads / Eyes / Spectacles
Forestay/Staysail Stay Tangs
Fractional Jib Boxes
Exit Blocks
Isomat Spinnaker Cars
Spinnaker Cars for T-Track
Spinnaker Cars for Ball-Bearing Tracks
Halyard Exit Plates
Spar Cleats
Welded Mast Base Exit Boxes
Vang Brackets & Vang Toggles
Solid Vangs
Mast Base Turning Blocks & Attachments
Mast Wedges
Deck Tie-down Turnbuckles

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